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Terms and Conditions

Conditions and Terms

The price of each product is the one stipulated on our website. Although we make our best effort to be sure that the prices listed in our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we find a mistake in a product price we will contact you as soon as possible and we will refund the difference between the paid price and accurate price. 

Refusal to process an order

We reserve the right to remove any item from our website at any time and to remove or modify any material or content from it. Although we will make our best effort to process every order, in exceptional situations we may have to refuse to process your order even after sending an order confirmation. We reserve the right to do this at any time and at our own judgment and discretion. We will never be held accountable by you or a third person for removing any item (sold or not) from our website or for refusing to process an order after sending an order confirmation. Orders cancelled by us will be refunded.


  1. We can send your product to any address but we do not deliver to Post Office boxes.
  2. Orders will be delivered by professional carriers. (SF Express/HK Post Office)
  3. If the items is already in Hong Kong. Deliveries to Hong Kong take between 1 to 2 working days. 
  4. Other countries will take between to 2 to 14 working days (Due to the virus the shipping time will be vary).
  5. If the item is handmade in Korea. The shipment will take 7 to 14days to arrive Hong Kong.